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With Orka,

it's more than just

better hearing.

Crystal clear hearing,

crystal clear pricing.

How It Works

Get your Orka hearing aids professionally customized and shipped to your door in 3 steps.

Step 1

Find Your Fit

Use our quick survey or free consultation with our hearing professionals—whichever you prefer, to understand your unique hearing challenges and objectives.

Step 2

Quick Delivery & Setup

Once you've decided on Orka, we will make the rest easy. Your hearing aids will be delivered fast to your door, and guided setup by our professionals will ensure a smooth start.

Step 3

Expert Remote Support

Count on our team of hearing professionals for smooth and real-time remote fine-tuning sessions, and tailor your Orka hearing aids to your personal needs.

Introducing Our Latest Product Orka Two

A hearing aid that elevates noise reduction to a new level, with easy Bluetooth® streaming for both Android and iOS devices.

AI DeNoise™

Bluetooth® 5.3 Connectivity

“Orka is using AI and machine learning in innovative ways not merely for tech’s sake.”

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Let’s talk about Orka Two

Big improvement in the sound quality. I can now, with the new app, easily control what I want to hear. In loud surroundings it is easy to control back ground noises due to the enhanced DeNoise technology.

by Detlef

Flexibility in Post-COVID era

COVID hit just when I was thinking of making an appointment, to update the audiogram profile for my previous hearing aids. MUCH more convenient using the Orka app to update audiogram on my own.

by Bob

Is Orka Two Right for me?

Take a 5-min survey and find out.

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